Demi Moore in Canada with Starbucks

The ever youthful looking, Demi Moore kept warm with a Venti Starbucks coffee this weekend as she visited hubby, Ashton Kutcher in Vancouver. Kutcher is in Canada to shoot “Personal Effects” which also stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Kathy Bates.

Conan O’Brien, NYC, Starbucks

Conan O’Brien has apparently enjoyed the writer’s strike hiatus. The late night funnyman was seen in NYC sporting a beard and drinking Starbucks. Unfortunately for O’Brien (and even more unfortunate for his writers) his little’ vacay’ is about to come to end, he is set to return to late night on January 2nd….without writers!

Coffee Consumption and Age

This is a bit off the topic but I came across this really interesting graph and thought I would share it with you. As you can see from the graph coffee consumption was down across the board in 2004. Anyone care to offer an explanation?

Trenta Challenge

Starbucks revolutionized the way coffee addicts consume caffeine around the world when they introduced the Trenta size cup. This is a Starbucks fan website dedicated towards Starbucks news and the future of our favorite coffee shop.

Starbucks’ Likely Most Random Story

This was just too crazy. Starbucks has gotten a lot of media for one reason or another. Here’s one I had to blog: He wanted to check Facebook, so he stole a laptop CNET News It’s totally random. Maybe this kid should have chosen to apply for a job in this recession. Keep Starbucks a…

Starbucks Has A Passion for Flavor and Friends

My love of Starbucks has continued to grow. It is not reliant upon a recession or economy woes, or others’ opinions, Starbucks is still the one for Starbucks Mama and Her Starbuck-A-Roos! Today it’s all passion for chocolate and flavor because Starbucks just says Valentine’s Day and Chocolate so very well. Check this out an…

New Year, New Starbucks, New Home Goods

Happy New Year Y’all! With a New Year, comes new inspiration. New Year, New Starbucks on the corner, and New Home Goods in order. That’s what a fresh start does around here. Right now, am loving my extra spicy, Anniversary Blend! So I would begin my redecorating spree with these coffee tables. These rock. Considering…

Christmas Blend Just Perfect

Here’s mine. Do you have your Starbucks Christmas Blend? It is perfection! Love the crisp, sweet spiciness. Just right for the Holiday season. In fact, gotta scoot, I have mine brewing at home right now. Check it out today and remember the (RED) campaign. – Starbucks Holiday Beverages Turn (RED)™ Nov. 27 Starbucks and you…

Starbucks Nutrition and My Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa

Uh oh, not only is it the Season to be Merry and Bright. I just discovered 40 fat grams in my Signature Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa here. For me, that’s a problem. So with a few reductions from a Venti to a Tall. Honestly, who can drink a Venti of this dessert hot cocoa! So…

Thank You Starbucks For Election Day Coffee Drinks

Starbucks really delivered on Election Day 2008 in the USA. Everyone who voted was offered a Starbucks Coffee for Election Day. It was great community – coffee and politics. Classic American ways. I huge Thank You to every local Starbucks in our country who joined in this effort of making Election Day a fun day….