Demi Moore in Canada with Starbucks

The ever youthful looking, Demi Moore kept warm with a Venti Starbucks coffee this weekend as she visited hubby, Ashton Kutcher in Vancouver. Kutcher is in Canada to shoot “Personal Effects” which also stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Kathy Bates.

Conan O’Brien, NYC, Starbucks

Conan O’Brien has apparently enjoyed the writer’s strike hiatus. The late night funnyman was seen in NYC sporting a beard and drinking Starbucks. Unfortunately for O’Brien (and even more unfortunate for his writers) his little’ vacay’ is about to come to end, he is set to return to late night on January 2nd….without writers!

Coffee Consumption and Age

This is a bit off the topic but I came across this really interesting graph and thought I would share it with you. As you can see from the graph coffee consumption was down across the board in 2004. Anyone care to offer an explanation?

Paris out and about in LA

You can’t hide behind those shades, Paris! Here she is after a Starbucks run. Looks like she picked up some snacks in addition to those multiple cups of coffee. How many cupholders does the Bentley that belongs to that key have anyway?

Review of Pikes Place Roast

So I stopped by the Starbucks near my house today to try out the new coffee we’ve been hearing so much about. The first thing I noticed was how the entire store smelled so much more like coffee. The fact that they are grinding coffee for everything makes a huge difference. Pikes Place Roast itself…

Kate Hudson Riding Around with Starbucks

Hollywood tartlet, Kate Hudson was spotted riding around her ex-boyfriend, Owen Wilson’s neighborhood over the weekend. The two have reportedly been seeing each other again. And the look of happiness on Kate’s face is obviously due to the fact that she’s having amazing ‘let’s get back together’ sex…or it could be the Starbucks..who knows..

Madonna at Jury Duty with Starbucks

Her Madgesty was spotted arriving to the Beverly Hills Courthouse on Monday where she is serving jury duty. This picture is of Madonna carrying a Starbucks coffee through the security checkpoint and metal detector. Luckily, Madge did not serve a full day, she was dismissed after lunch.