New Year, New Starbucks, New Home Goods

Happy New Year Y’all!

With a New Year, comes new inspiration. New Year, New Starbucks on the corner, and New Home Goods in order. That’s what a fresh start does around here. Right now, am loving my extra spicy, Anniversary Blend! So I would begin my redecorating spree with these coffee tables. These rock.

Considering adding these African Musical Instruments to jazz things up a little bit. It would probably be hard to narrow it all down. Having a bit of spice added to the day along with the lovely lattes, would most definitely make for a very, very coffee drinking experience.

Finally, I would add one of these Oriental Rug options. Look at the beauty of the one pictured above. Lots of style, class and a lasting legacy. Wouldn’t your coffee taste better if your coffee shop were designed this way?!

Most likely, I am only dreaming right now because it is time to head out to my local Starbucks and relax a little. Then, that leaves all of these beauties to consider for my home office. Now that is style.