Tell Me Your Favorite Starbucks Coffee Drink

Tell Me Your Favorite Starbucks Coffee Drink! Okay, if you are like me, what is your favorite Starbucks Drink of the Day or Week!

As often as I frequent, I’ll admit, mine is ever changing and with all that goodness it’s fun to check out the options.

Yesterday I drank an awesome Grande, Half Caff, Half Sugar Free, 2%, Cinnamon Dolce Latte! Ahh sweetness ! My Barista and I laughed and named this the new, “Middle-of-the-Road!” Drink since I ordered everything half – half the caffeine, half the sugar, and half/2% milk!

With the coldness going on around here, hail even the day before, Starbucks Mama needs her New “Middle-of-the-Roader!”

As for the Buck-A-Roos, they are digging the Signature Hot Chocolate!

Has anyone tried the new Salted Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate all jazzed up with Caremel, etc. ??

Also, can anyone explain the atrocity that Blogger does not have the world-wide word “Barista” in its spell check dictionary!?! In all due reverence….