Here’s My $2 Starbucks Iced Coffee Goodness

Here in the South, we love our iced drinks. And before Fall and cool weather is here to stay, I wanted to share my little Starbucks Coffee Drink Favorite.

I will not go into how I manipulate the Starbucks Sweet Tea. They call it Iced Sweetened Black Tea. That’s a whole other day. Bless their hearts, they tried and they do succeed in helping us Sweet Tea lovers.

As for my iced coffee goodness, my girlfriend shared her secret Iced Coffee recipe and then I just recently tweaked it with My Barista’s help and it is divine!

The Drink: Grande In A Venti Cup Iced Americano, Add 2% to the top, Sweeten with Vanilla Syrup or 3 Splenda depending on my devotion to my calorie count. And that is it!

Iced Goodness and the really cool thing, is this is a $2 drink! I like it better than the Iced Vanilla Latte (something just sounds wrong with turning a completely good latte into an iced creation so I never got my arms around that one) and the price point is $2 rather than $4.50.

Hey, two-for-one Works For Me Wednesday! Let me know what works for you here and there. 🙂