Starbucks Fans Live in Denial

Starbucks fans seem to have Southern mentality of “I’ll think about that tomorrow”… until then I’ll have my usual drink. 🙂 We would rather just drink our Starbucks coffee and not talk about say the Starbucks Nutrition or the latest news splash.

Today was usual for us and my lovely Barista made my new favorite drink, Iced Coffee, blah, blah, blah (my favorites listed below) better than ever. As always they’re friendly and they deliver. So we didn’t talk about any ‘closings’ or any changes going on in all the Starbucks gossip buzz. We just had our usual Starbucks Mama in the drive thru with her Buck-A-Roos conversation. Then we all enjoyed the best Banana Bread ever on the way home from the Buck-A-Roos’ swimming lessons.

Starbucks is good.

Economy? What economy? If we had to choose, we would rather skip dinner at Ruth’s Chris and have coffee here.