Starbucks Nutrition While We’re At It

Let’s talk about Starbucks Nutrition while we’re at it. {this is Starbucks link – click “nutrition” when you get there} 😉

Here are your Starbucks cup sizes in the above picture. Show me your Starbucks mojo – what size is the first cup on the left? Did you know it existed? It’s the “Short Cup.”

In my early days, meaning when I was a Starbucks Girl making my d.a.i.l.y stop at Starbucks, I would order this first cup – the Short – and a Grande.

I know. I girls gotta do what a girls got to do.

It was a short cup in the car for the short ride to the office. Then I was prepared to face the world with my Grande by my side.
Of course, now that I am a Starbucks Mama, we order the Short cup of apple cider or hot warm chocolate for the Buck-A-Roos. Now I focus more on the Starbucks Nutrition. My nutrition takes a lot more effort now days than when I was a Starbucks Girl, climbing mountains or running after work. Now when I stop in for a favorite I always consider the size. Because there is an enormous difference between a Short and a Venti. Check your Starbucks Nutrition and chose wisely or at least know when you’re indulging!