People still love when Starbucks comes to their neighborhood

Google News has this great feature that lets you set up a little thing called a “news alert”. Once you’ve set one up you get an email every time a story hits Google News that references the subject of your “news alert”. I’ve got one set up for Starbucks and if I’ve noticed one thing its that no matter where in the country a Starbucks is opening, people are excited. It seems like every time a new store opens there is at least one (and often more) stories about that particular Starbucks opening. Here are a few of the store opening stories I’ve seen this week.

Virgina Beach Starbucks
Brighton Michigan
Edmond Oklahoma
Springdale, Arkansas
Salt Lake City, Utah
Knoxville, Tenn
Chicago, Il

Okay… that only covers the stories back to Thursday morning. Needless to say… people still dig Starbucks.