Has My Starbucks Idea been successful yet?

I know. I know. My Starbucks Idea hasn’t been around that long and here I am asking if the concept should stay or go…. but have you looked at some of the ideas?

First of all there are really way to many duplicate ideas. I’m sure who ever manages the site doesn’t want to appear to be favoring one idea by deleting another similar idea but someone needs to trim down the redundant ideas.

Second, the comments have really descended to the level of a grade school argument over who is faster between Superman and the Flash. This post about tipping has some really nasty comments by more then a few individuals. I don’t think that removing the tip jars is a good idea but the concept of My Starbucks Idea is that all voices are heard in a respectful manner.

Lastly, there really needs to be a way of voting against an idea. This would cut down on the negative comments and provide a real metric for the strength of an idea.