Randomness and Starbucks News

Not a rant, but a NEW REQUIREMENT!
I recently stayed at a hotel where there was a Starbucks inside it. You could order ANY Starbucks drink and they would bring it to your room like regular room service. It was FABULOUS! Likewise, another feature I liked (and the employees appreciated) was their charge slips gave a tip option to write in a tip. I often don’t carry cash and use my debit or credit card and always feel bad that I don’t have tip to give the employees. This simple feature benefits all, and I’m sure employees would appreciate this change in their registers. The barista explained that they were part of the hotel so they used hotel registers rather than the typical Starbucks registers that have no tip option.

Top Pot donuts aren’t that great, I don’t know what our infatuation with them is all about. To be honest, outside of their actual store downtown, I’ve never seen anyone purchase or eat one of their donuts. They must be simple to make: follow the directions for a regular donut, double the amount of sugar and frosting. Behold, the mighty top pot donut. I’m not a particular health nut, but getting donuts is already a stretch for the reasonable person. Why on earth, I ask you, if I’m ordering a non-fat mocha, would I want a double-stuffed donut? Baffling.

I have recently read The Starbuck Experience:5 Principles for Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary. It was one of the greatest books I have ever read. You should seriously consider having this book in your personal library.The book was so inspirational that I intended to apply these 5 principles to blogging. You may find the link to my blog post here below:

How to Apply Starbucks Experience To Blogging

Looking forward to receive your thoughts about my blog post. Thanks in advance!

Homeless people. What can be done about these people that come in and don’t order anything, or a short coffee and take over the store with their smell and stuff. Can the employees kick them out after so long, or if they don’t buy anything. I know it’s a nice warm place, but Starbucks should not be the new soup kitchen.

When I am spending $5 for a coffee I want to smell the coffee, or even the breakfast sandwiches, not whatever other smell may be coming off the person sprawled out on the plush chair behind me. It’s ridiculous right?

Can someone tell me why this issue isn’t taken care of quicker? They can refuse business to anyone for any reason I would imagine. And if there isn’t even any business it seems like an even quicker decision.

They are so much better than the made iced coffees. Much less bitter, much sweeter, and of course the can is much easier to drive with.

Well I was told that the doubleshots+energy and vanilla (or mocha) are the replacements. Those are horrible. They will do well with the Middle School Frap loving crowd. But definitely not good for those of us who have moved on to real coffee.

They have been cancelled everywhere right?