Britney Spears Shops Naked & Drinks Starbucks

Britney Spears, our favorite Starbucks addict was up to her usual unusual tricks last night! Britney Spears and new boyfriend and latest hanger-on-er, Adnan Ghalib started the night at the Gaucho Grille in Santa Monica. The two dined while the restaurants managers fought with the throngs of paparazzi outside the restaurant. Somehow the couple managed to get through their meal and headed over to Starbucks, where Britney enjoyed a Grande Iced Coffee beverage. Dinner and Coffee..pretty normal right? Don’t worry..last night did not prove to be a ‘normal night’ for Britney.

Later in the night, approximately around 1:30 am, Kitson Boutique on Robertson, opened up their doors after Britney made a late night request to go shopping. Witnesses inside the store recounted how Britney just took off her clothes and proceed to shop naked. YES, Britney was Naked! After an hour and $20,000 in goodies Britney and the rest of misanthropes left the store and headed home.