Britney Spears NOT being banned from Starbucks…

Unfortunately Fortunately rumors of Britney Spears’ being banned from Starbucks are FALSE!

The L.A. Daily News reports:

“An employee at a Starbucks in Studio City told me that Britney was banned from some area stores after “she came in here with the paparazzi and it was ridiculous. They went behind the counter and things like that. We want to make sure we have safety in here.”

Officially, Starbucks headquarters in Seattle calls the Britney ban a “false rumor.” But they confirm there is an iron-clad policy of no cameras being allowed in any of its locations.

“We try to create a welcoming environment and experience for all of our customers, for anybody who comes into our store to have a cup of coffee and to take some time from their busy lives to relax,” said Bridget Baker, Starbucks spokeswoman. “We try to maintain the integrity of that experience.”