Britney Spears Banned by Starbucks?

It seems that Britney Spears was an agenda item at today’s Starbucks District Manager meeting in the Valley.

The DMs are deciding whether or not to ban Britney from their Valley stores. Apparently the chaos that follows Britney when enters a Starbucks is not only an inconvenience to the employees but the customers are complaining as well.

We posted this video of Britney Spears ordering her favorite Starbucks drink ‘Grande Vanilla Frappuccino‘ over the weekend, which shows you just how crazy it can get when Britters walks through the door.

This would not be the first time Britney gets banned from an establishment. Earlier this week she was rendered ‘unwelcome’ at West Hollywood hotspot, Winstons.

What do you think?

Should Britney be Banned from Starbucks?