Man Buys Britney Spears’ Starbucks Cup for $100

Word on the street is that some loser, Starbucks patron, paid $100 for Britney Spears’ discarded Starbucks cup!

Apparently Britney was at her local LA Starbucks and ordered a Vanilla Latte (sissy drink IMO), took a sip and decided it wasn’t sweet enough y’all. So she had the barista make another one. Can you say High Maintenance? Anyhow, just as the barista was about to throw out the not-sweet-enough Vanilla Latte, a man yelled out, “Don’t throw that away, I’ll buy it!”. And sure enough he did, for 100 smackers.

Quick Ebay Alert: At the time of this posting..Britney Spears’ Starbuck Cup was not on Ebay…yet. Updates to come!