Starbucks Latest Espresso Machine, The Sirena, Designed by BMW

Rev your engines, it’s going to be a caffeinated day! Starbucks has just released the Sirena Espresso Machine by Saeco, and designed by luxury automaker, BMW’s design group. This espresso machine is slick! According to the website, the machine is pump driven with a pressurized portafilter. This super deluxe machine also has the ability to self-tamp the espresso..which we great..because we all know getting the right tamp is essential to pulling a perfect shot of espresso.

Starbucks has designed a a fancy flash presentation featuring the luxury details of the machine. (Don’t wait to long to watch the video, once on the site, or the barista gets antsy!)

Just how much does this luxury designed espresso machine cost? $599

Not sold yet? Check out the website. I’m warning you..YOU WILL WANT TO BUY IT!