Warning: Drinking & Driving Starbucks May Cause you to Run Someone Over

It’s true folks…just seconds after being served this tall Starbucks coffee by her bodyguard, Britney Spears ran over a Police Officer’s Foot. Although we can’t be sure of the exact events I’m sure it went down like this:

Britters: “Thanks for the Starbucks y’all..Mmmm…yummy but my tongue feels kinda numb ya’ll”

Bodyguard [Rolls his eyes and helps her into the driver’s seat]

Britters: “Oh my god..look at all these stupid paparazzi, AHHHHH I spilled my Starbucks! Get out of my way Po-Po I need to get me some more!

On second thought, drinking Starbucks will NOT cause you to run over a cop…being stupid will though…